With business deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions growing 270% globally over the past four years, decision-makers have woken up to its benefits especially when it comes to automation. And when used in conjunction with the human component, there are significant competitive advantages to be gained through augmented intelligence or simply a smarter way to get things done.

This is according to Adrian Zanetti, a director at PLP Group. The group’s Hey Jude service is driving the world’s first human-powered digital assistance service of the same name, which has combined innovative technology with a people-centric twist that enables organisations to fully embrace AI as a critically important customer and employee engagement channel.

In a modern world where people are time-poor and struggle to get their personal tasks done, Hey Jude steps in and adds real value to the lives of its members, by handling all their day-to-day lifestyle requests. To maintain their award-winning service, the Judes respond to members with relevant and detailed questions in order to competently fulfil everyday requests, irrespective of industry sector and beyond the realm of search engines.

“In recent times, corporates have been looking for an effective way to integrate chat and AI into their apps to enhance communication with customers. And while AI has been widely considered to be a likely successor to human agents, the reality has proven quite different. The beauty of the Hey Jude offering is that the technology is supported by human agents, and so with every member request that is successfully resolved, it deepens the relationship a business has with their customers or employees,” says Zanetti.

If anything, chat bots have highlighted the challenges AI-driven solutions have when it comes to engagement. Bots are great when working from a script, but they lose the personal touch as soon as questions start going deeper than the superficial level. For example, asking to be put in touch with the right person for a specific query can quickly go wrong if the customer veers from the scripted keywords the AI engine has been designed to look for. Whilst machine learning rectifies this over time, your customers unfortunately end up as part of the experiment, enduring poor service delivery which leaves them feeling frustrated.

“What could have been a customer boon has turned into a nightmare. People are often left frustrated when dealing with chat bots once more complicated questions are posed. Fortunately, the Hey Jude application overcomes the lack of synchronisation between AI and humans, by empowering agents (or Judes) with the tools required to enhance service delivery.”

The company uses the latest technology and sophisticated AI algorithms to manage Hey Jude’s back-end data analysis and enhance this with a person who is accessible through the app. This trained professional delivers the intuition needed to resolve queries quickly and effectively, while also bringing that invaluable human emotional intelligence into the mix.

So, instead of investing heavily in AI and engagement solutions themselves, corporates can subscribe to the unique Hey Jude offering, to provide an important channel for service delivery to either customers or employees.

The Hey Jude app is fully customisable and can be branded with the corporate identity of the business. It can also integrate effectively into existing customer service channels at organisations, irrespective of their industry sector. Hey Jude can either be fully hosted and supported around the clock or delivered as a software-and-a-service offering while in-house contact centre agents are recruited, trained and upskilled.

“The mobile environment of the Hey Jude app integrates into any system, platform, or even other apps using application programming interfaces and software development kits. Hey Jude truly delivers anything, anywhere, and at any time with us servicing nine African countries, as well as other parts of the globe such as New Zealand, the US, UK, and the United Arab Emirates. Our Judes are sourced via our recruitment and training platforms and allow for remote-based resources. This provides the best of local knowledge, languages, and culture giving companies a truly innovative and tailor-made service solution for enhanced customer engagement,” concludes Zanetti.

For more information, please visit https://www.heyjudeapp.com/.