Technological developments allow consumers to get exactly what they want, when and how they want it. With a simple click of a button or tap of their fingers, they make travel arrangements via Uber, shop via Etsy or Spree, and apply for freelance work via Elance. This on-demand economy is changing the way we live, and it’s only going to grow.

On speaking about the on-demand economy, Lloyd Ball, PLP Group Managing Director, said:  “Technological advances allow many things to become more accessible, through a few steps on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This means that forward-thinking organisations need to understand the immediate demand to migrate from traditional engagement to engagement on customers’ terms.”

In answer to this consumer demand, the PLP Group developed Hey Jude. It is an app that marries artificial intelligence (AI) and emotional intelligence (EI) to supply users with an around-the-clock personal assistant, conveniently located in their phones. Hey Jude is simplifying life and taking user experience (UX) to a new level. Since its launch, on the 1st of July, this on-demand app has already acquired almost a thousand members and is growing by the day. Users can request just about anything, so long as it’s legal and morally acceptable.

“Hey Jude is a game changer for PLP as a Group. It provides us with the tools to engage in real‑time with customers on an Android or iOS device of their choice, manage services and transactions, and ensure remarkable UX outcomes,” commented Ball.

Keeping the end-user in mind while building the app, special attention was paid to simplicity, ease and need. Hence, Hey Jude enables consumers to find, negotiate, organise and request any product or service at the best possible price, whenever they need it, in the palm of their hand. Hey Jude is supported by a large team of people and an infrastructure network, enabling it to deliver personal service through an easy-to-use interface.

In an effort to ensure the best possible service, as well as staying at the forefront of the on-demand economy and UX, Hey Jude is constantly being updated and improved. The app can distinguish between requests and assign them to the best-qualified assistant. Users can also choose from best‑priced options as well as the best-suited location when their requests are answered.

In addition, Hey Jude offers a convenient solution to the always on, always connected revolution by simplifying payment options. Users can pay for goods and services with a simple touch of a button, whenever they need.

Through AI and technological developments, users can send images that are relevant to their requests, for example, shoes or a specific toy. As an added bonus, the app’s data usage has been reduced, making it even more affordable for users to simplify their lives.

Ball explains that the craft of customer service won’t be lost, Hey Jude will simply allow PLP to serve customers through smart technology while being quicker, more efficient and more competent.

Hey Jude is the first of its kind and continues to push the envelope on on-demand UX. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.