Companies today need to find new ways of adding value to the lives of their customers, in order to retain their loyalty, while also acquiring new customers. It’s no longer simply about selling a product or service, which is why customer engagement programmes are critical to the success of a business.

With an in-depth understanding of the customer demographic profile and brand relationship strength, PLP SA builds and manages customer engagement programmes that deliver the appropriate products and value-added services that cater for the individual. The programmes make life easier, either through the financial savings on offer, the ease of engagement or by solving real-life needs.

Our customer engagement programmes are also a little different to the ordinary; we take all the risk so our clients don’t have to. Our programmes are self-funded, 100% outsourced and they provide a shared-revenue solution. In addition, they are developed, built and implemented at our cost, in the client’s unique brand and in line with their marketing requirements.

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