We have designed and developed a digital personal assistant app that provides a 24/7 service to members, at the touch of a button on their smartphones. The hybrid app uses the power of Artificial Intelligence with the finesse of human intellect to get things done.

What makes the app unique and effective is that it uses the very latest technology and is supported by a team of problem-solving human agents. While an agent will solve a member’s request, they are simultaneously profiling the member and gathering relevant information to make future engagements more informed and relevant. There are also deep links to services like Uber and with smart integration, secure payments can be made within the app.

The app seamlessly integrates into a member’s life, providing an exceptional customer experience. By white-labelling the app, a business can retain employees or grow their customer base, create a strong brand dependency and benefit from additional revenue channels.

PLP Group White-Label App Screens

Hey Jude App